About Us
About Us

Healthwik aims to provide authentic information on health-related queries, especially focussing on Cardiology. Having a good knowledge of any disease can help improve treatment outcomes. Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the entire world. Our goal is to provide information that can help people identify heart disease earlier and seek medical advice accordingly. This may help improve the outcomes and save lives.


Dr. Junaid Arshad (MBBS, FCPS Cardiology Resident)

Dr. Junaid Arshad is a passionate cardiology resident working in the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Dr Junaid Arshad. MBBS


Dr. Yasar Sattar M.D (Cardiology Fellow at West Virginia University)

Dr. Yasar Sattar M.D

Dr. Waqas Ullah M.D (Cardiology Fellow at Jefferson Health-Abington Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Dr. Waqas Ullah M.D
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